Which Version is Best for You?

Teamscale comes in three flavors. Which edition is right for you depends on the features you need and the programming languages you use.


Teamscale helps you to continuously monitor and improve the quality of your software. Customizable dashboards allow you to focus on your quality goals and to keep an eye on recent trends.

  • All from Professional
  • Artifactory
  • Model Advisor
  • SAP Code Inspector
* with monthly payment
How to buy?

Prices for Teamscale are based on a monthly subscription. If you subscribe for a full year in advance, you get two months for free. To obtain a license for Teamscale or to get a custom quote, please contact us at sales@teamscale.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common questions and their answers about Teamscale's pricing model.

Does Teamscale run in the cloud or do I have to provide my own hardware?

Teamscale runs on your own server, which ensures that your code never has to leave your own network. But if you want to deploy Teamscale on your cloud infrastructure, we are happy to assist.

You charge for users. What is a user?

A user is every person (e.g. developers or testers) that can log into the Teamscale server either via the Web UI or an IDE plugin. Developers that only commit to the repository or testers who only run manual tests, but have no own login for Teamscale, are not counted against the user limit.

Is there a discount for academic users?

Yes. Academic users, including students and research groups, can get a free license for Teamscale. Please contact us at sales@teamscale.com for details.