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Daniel Veihelmann

… is a software developer and software quality consultant at CQSE. He studied computer science and obtained a Master of Science degree at Technische Universität München.

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As you probably know, our quality tool Teamscale comes with a lot of checks for your programming language(s) of choice. These checks can, for example, help you to write better code by pointing out logical flaws, copy&paste programming and possible performance bottlenecks. But did you know that you can easily implement customized checks for your code base? In this post, I’ll show how we use this to improve our own code base by presenting two specific examples.


As a software project evolves, it is often necessary to adapt parts of its user interface (UI) accordingly. However, this can be tricky as users might suddenly feel unfamiliar with your product. In our Teamscale 3.2 release, we revamped Teamscale’s »Code« perspective, which is now called »Metrics«. This post explains why we introduced these changes and, in addition, provides some guidance if you are an existing Teamscale user.