Master your technical debt

Quality Control is our solution for you to master the technical debt in your software. It comprises a tool-based identification of quality deficits but also a process which is successfully in operation at many satisfied customers. With this an enduring improvement of your software’s quality is achieved.

Protect the investments into your software

Technical debt means that you will be facing high maintenance costs on the long term if you neglect the technical or inner quality of the software. Symptoms are for example program code which is hard to understand or complex dependencies between components. Then, even simple functional changes can result in a huge development effort. 

An active management of the inner quality is needed to prevent an accumulation of technical debt. Without, there is a high risk of finally losing the entire investment in the developed software as it becomes unmaintainable. 

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Tool: Teamscale
Identify quality deficits

Only if the specific quality deficits are visible, one can face these. Our software intelligence suite Teamscale provides meaningful analyses to detect technical debt and to measure it on the one side, but also provides the tool support to run an effective quality control process.

Visit for a detailed overview of Teamscale. 

Process: Quality Control
Turning from observing to improving

Analyzing and observing the software's quality only won't result in an improvement. When developing from scratch, it might be possible to just fix any quality defect  right away and keep the code base clean. However, most software development is done in grown code bases and there is typically no way to get rid of potentially a ton of quality deficits which might exist for years. But: it is the wrong strategy to resign and don't take any action. Things will further worsen without action against. 

To cope with this, a key factor in our Quality Control solution is to focus on current code changes. This allows to e.g. apply the boy scout rule "leave the code cleaner as it was before". This is also practical in grown code bases und will result in a stepwise improvement .

Success factors for Quality Control

These are the key success factors of the quality control process which helps our customers to improve their software's quality

Most favored packages

Our typical packages for mastering technical debt. Of course, this can be tailored to your specific needs.

Our philosophy

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