Software quality solutions

Our solutions help you write high quality software in all aspects. They help you to master your code quality, close gaps in your tests and improve test efficiency as well as verify your requirements.

Identify Untested Changes
Test Gap Analysis

The Test Gap analysis combines information about code changes and test coverage and uncovers critical changes that no test has covered. This analysis enables you to prioritize testing efforts and detect defects early in the release cycle instead of in production.

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Safeguard your Expensive Regression Test
Pareto Testing

Performing a full regrestion test often takes too long to receive early feedback. Pareto testing helps you to find new bugs as quickly as possible by relying on an optimized test selection.

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Is your system fit for the future?
Software audits and assessments

We analyze your software and make its current quality transparent by providing an objective expert assessment based on numbers and facts rather than personal opinions and gut feelings.

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Copy, Paste, and ... ?
Code clone management

Copy-pasting source code is a common practice in software development, but it has severe downsides. Learn more about the problems of code clones and how to mitigate the risks of duplicated code for your system.

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Master your technical debt
Software quality control

Quality Control helps you you master the technical debt in your software. It combines tool support to identify potential quality deficits as well as a continuous process successfully used by many of our customers. Thus, you can achieve enduring improvement of your software’s quality even while the software continues to grow and evolve.

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Requirements tracing

Requirements tracing links your requirements to your test cases and lets you prove that critical requirements have been sufficiently covered. Thus, it helps to know which software test verifies which requirements or where a specific requirement has been implemented in the code.

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