Software audits and assessments

We make the current quality of your software transparent
by providing an objective assessment based on numbers and facts
rather than personal opinions and good feelings.

Future Proofness

Is your system fit for the future?

A strongly growing number of users, a never ending backlog full of bugs and new features, or the upcoming cloud migration-software has to change continuously. Its technical quality is thereby a major deciding factor for how well your software is prepared for the future.

As the technial quality is mostly not visible from the outside, we provide you insights from below the surface. We assess your key success factors and provide you a neutral and expert-based opinion how future-proof your software really is.

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Audits & tech due diligences

Assessing software quality

For a variety of reasons, an external, objective assessment by experts can become necessary. Based on our experience from hundreds of audits and software due diligences, we support you with a neutral assessment. It provides you transparency when working together with a software supplier, when considering to acquire a software-based company or when taking over a new team and its software product.

Success Factors

Know your quality level

Whether your software is future-proof depends on a variety of factors: the maintainability of your code base as well as an adequate architecture are key aspects for your success. Risks, however, can also be hidden in your technology stack and the efficiency and effectiveness of your development processes contribute greatly, as well.

A CQSE software audit comprises all four factors to establish a thorough understanding of your current quality status. Additionally, we offer customized analyses, for example, to assess your cloud-readiness or to review your road map to a micro-service based architecture.


Transparency for your decisions

Our audit provides clarity for you and your team about your software's current quality. We summarize all analyses with a consolidated list of identified strengths and challenges with respect to the future-proofness of your system. Based on the identified challenges, we offer specific and actionable recommendations for how to proceed in the future.

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Result artefacts you will receive

After validating the results with the team, we present them in a final presentation to everybody involved. In addition to the presentation, you can choose between a detailed, written report or an annotated version of the slides. Both options contain a one-page executive summary. Results from the code analysis are delivered in form of a read-only instance of our analysis tool Teamscale. Thus, developers get the chance to inspect all findings in the code itself.

Benefit from automated and manual analyses

To assess your software quality, we rely on a combination of automated as well as manual static analyses. Based on Teamscale, our market-leading software intelligence tool and the experience of our auditing experts,  we dive deep into different aspects of your code, architecture, but also test data, database schemas or other development artefacts . This enables us to provide you a fact-based assessment of your software's quality to create transparency and objectiveness.

Choose your analysis depth

We offer all analysis blocks (code, architecture, technology and process) with full analysis depth to provide you a thorough assessment. If required, we can also reduce to an analysis depth to an assessment focused on the quick identification of major risks.

Analysis blocks

We analyze what is most relevant to you

Case studies

Customers benefiting from a software quality assessment

Code assessment

The Lebensversicherung von 1871 a. G. München insurance company specialises in innovative permanent disability insurance, life insurance and pension insurance.

LV 1871 develops its central applications in-house based on agile development methods. These include several Java systems, one COBOL system and a variety of proprietary archive and print system extensions.

In light of this diverse application landscape, which is common for insurance companies, LV 1871 is interested in a comprehensive overview of the quality of its application portfolio.

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Code assessment

Fujitsu is one of the world's leading information and communication technology companies. The German subsidiary Fujitsu Enabling Software Technology GmbH (EST) develops software used for providing and operating cloud infrastructure, marketplaces and services.

Software quality is of great importance to Fujitsu, not only because of the company’s Japanese roots. To identify room for improvement with respect to maintainability, the company asked for a neutral external assessment.

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Technology assessment

The azh company is one of Germany's leading health care clearing houses. Azh’s central accounting system is a distributed, performance-critical application which is developed in-house by a team of experienced Java experts. Like all Java Enterprise systems, the accounting system has a comprehensive technological foundation that consists of an application server, a database, a rule engine and several libraries.

In light of this technological diversity, a neutral and structured assessment of the sustainability of its base technologies is very important to azh.

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Tech due diligence

Through its investments, BayBG is currently strengthening the capital base of 500 Bavarian medium-sized businesses. The BayBG is thus the Bavarian market leader among medium-sized enterprise-oriented investment companies.

BayBG enables the companies to realize expansion and innovation plans, make corporate succession plans as well as optimize the capital structure and implementation of turn-around measures.

Regularly, BayBG invests in young and innovative software start-ups. During due diligences as prerequisites for the investement, BayBG puts the spot light also on software quality and software future proofness.

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A CQSE audit can be customized based on your needs.

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