Our research interests comprise software quality, software maintenance and evolution, testing and static analysis. We are always on top of current research and set new trends!

Recent Publications

Daniela Steidl, Florian Deissenboeck

How Do Java Methods Grow?

Overly long methods hamper the maintainability of software—they are hard to understand and to change, but also difficult to test, reuse, and profile. While technically there are many opportunities to refactor long methods, little is known about their origin and their evolution...

Published at the Working Conference on Software Analysis and Manipulation (SCAM 2015)

Timo Pawelka, Elmar Jürgens

Is this Code Written in English?

Comments and identifiers are the main source of documentation of the source code and are therefore an integral part of the development and the maintenance of a program. As English is the world language, most comments and identifiers are written in English...

Published at the International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME 2015)

Lars Heinemann, Benjamin Hummel, Daniela Steidl

Teamscale: Software Quality Control in Real-Time

When large software systems evolve, the quality of source code is essential for successful maintenance. Controlling code quality continuously requires adequate tool support...

Published at the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2014)


Florian Deissenboeck et al.

Most Influential Paper Award

At the International Conference of Program Comprehension 2015, the paper Consise and Consistent Naming of Florian Deissenböck et al. received the Most Influential Paper Award. Since its publication ten years ago, the paper was has been cited over 100 times.

Elmar Juergens

GI Junior Fellow

Our consultant and co-founder of the company, Elmar Jürgens , was nominated as Junior Fellow of GI (Gesellschaft für Informatik). GI is the German Informatics Society which is a non-profit organization. It promotes interests of computer scientists in academia, industry, and politics.

Maximilian Junker et al.

Best Workshop Paper Award

The paper Principles and a Process for Successful Industry Cooperation - The Case of TUM and Munich Re with Elmar Jürgens as co-author won the Best Paper Award of the Software Engineering Research And Industrial Practice Workshop 2015.

Daniela Steidl et al.

Best Industry Paper Award

At the International Conference of Program Comprehension 2014, the paper Prioritizing Maintainability Defects Based on Refactoring Recommendations written by Daniela Steidl et al. received the Best Industry Paper Award.

Research Projects

The German governmental departement for education and research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung) supports us with their initiative KMU-innovativ.

PhD Program

Ongoing research allows us to provide up-to-date product solutions and services. We offer a unique mix of first-hand customer experience combined with a strong academical background.

Bachelor and Master Thesis

Our current research always offers opportunities to write your bachelor or master thesis with us. We advise students continuously and encourage them to publish their results.