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Just getting started?

Take a look at our Getting Started Guide. It provides quick installation instructions to get you up to speed.


Take a look at our Online Documentation for more detailed information.

Extend Teamscale?

Take a look at our Custom Check Framework. It allows you to extend Teamscale with your own checks.

Reach Out to Us

Missing something or need further help?
Let us know using support@teamscale.com or the

If you want to report a bug, please include the version number of your teamscale instance or a support-request archive. To get this information, click on the top-right question-mark button in teamscale. The version is shown in the »About Teamscale« dialog, support requests can be created with »Create Support Request«.

Download Teamscale

Teamscale Server

Note that you need a license in order to use Teamscale. If you don't have a license yet, request a free evaluation license.

Read the Getting Started Guide to learn how to setup Teamscale.

Teamscale is also available as Docker container.

Want to read the EULA first?

IDE Integration

Get the most out of Teamscale using our IDE integrations: