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Changelog: What's new?

Release 4.8

Version 4.8.2 - 12th February, 2019 (download)

Upgrade from 4.8.x: Drop-in
Upgrade from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Show TGA treemaps of child issues even when parent issue has no changes
    • Fixed potential NPE in Scheduler
    • Could not create project permissions if they already existed for project alias
    • Added switch to allow weak SSL ciphers
    • External Uploads and Role Asssignment button was not greyed out for projects being deleted
    • JavaDoc analysis did not handle @param tags for generic type parameters correctly
    • NullPointerException in SAP-config migration
  • Enhancements
    • Improved performance of TestGapSynchronizer

Version 4.8.1 - 5th February, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Improved performance of clone detection
    • Arrow position in architecture editor now matches mouse position
    • Deleted baselines no longer block the UI
    • Disabling SSL verification is now respected by the TFS connector
    • The "Function types shall be in prototype form with named parameters" check is more robust now
    • Fixed false positives of null-pointer analysis on integers which are assigned or compared to 0 (C-like languages)
    • Fixed false positive for "Non-void function should return a value" check (C/C++)
    • Fixed false positive for "Array definition is not valid" check with arrays of structs (C++)
    • Fixed false positive for "Element should only be initialized once" check (C++)
    • Fixed loading of findings detail view (Simulink)

Version 4.8.0 - 29th January, 2019 (download)

Upgrade from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Major Features
    • Bitbucket Server Pull Request Integration
    • Gitlab Merge Request Integration
    • Simulink Clone Detection
    • Simulink Architecture Analysis
    • Objective-C Support
    • Data Flow Analysis for C/C++
  • Web Interface
    • Tests perspective: the selected partitions are now remembered per project
    • Resolved findings are now shown in Delta and Findings perspectives
    • Issues perspective: Live issue query validation
    • Issues perspective: New aggregated findings view per issue along with an issue-based findings badge
    • Activity perspective: Added explanatory tooltip to activity summary
    • Projects perspective: List of projects is now sortable
    • Architecture perspective: Architecture components now show comments as tooltip
    • Treemap links can now be opened in new tab
    • Hovering over the commit in Event- and Worker Log views now shows a readable timestamp
    • Auto-fill commit message and partition in report upload UI
  • IDE Integration
    • Blacklisted findings can now be classified as Toleration or False Positive (Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans)
    • VS plugin: Cleanup status messages in Findings Window
    • NetBeans: Changes to the layout of the Findings view are now persistent (column widths, sort order, etc.)
  • Admin
    • Support for XCode/xccov Coverage format
    • Support for Clover Coverage format
    • SCOV coverage can now directly be fetched from the SAP system
  • Built-in checks
    • C/C++
      • Function types should be in prototype form with named parameters 
      • All declarations of an object or function should use the same names and type qualifiers
      • Check for multiple declarations of the same object/function
    • Java
      • Avoid unnecessary creation of BigInteger/BigDecimal objects
      • Type of exception should not be checked using instanceof
    • Avoid using HTML tags in strings (Java, C#)
    • Avoid marking fields as volatile (Java, C#)
    • Class named like Exception should inherit from Exception or subclass (Java, C#)

Release 4.7

Version 4.7.6 - 29th January, 2019 (download)

Upgrade from 4.7.x: Drop-in (Bitbucket users missing branches: Please contact Teamscale support for specific update instructions)
Upgrade from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Avoid "Column Family ID Mismatch" Cassandra error
    • Gracefully handle trailing new lines in partition names
    • Search for file names containing dots finds no results

Version 4.7.5 - 22nd January, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fixed missing branches in Bitbucket projects
    • Chosen branch was ignored in external report upload form
    • Warning about finding churn is null for notification trigger
    • Fix potential inconsistency for dashboard templates
    • Fix "Declarations should be on separate lines" check
    • Improved error handling for external report upload
    • No email notification was sent if VCS committer name was full name as opposed to user ID
    • TGA treemap shows one large method that leads to error page
    • Added .st as recognized file extension for IEC 61131-3 Structured Text
  • Enhancements
    • In Gerrit comments add [NEW] tag to new findings and signal via Emoji whether a finding is red or yellow
    • Add ability to filter which patchsets are voted on in Gerrit by specifying an include pattern

Version 4.7.4 - 15th January, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Gerrit connector calculated incorrect divs in some cases, leading to errors during content retrieval
    • Error in code perspective after coverage upload
    • Intellij Plugin: Possible NPE in Teamscale Findings View
    • Gerrit comments for clones hid other information
    • ABAP: Missing dependencies in case of host-variable escaping within OpenSQL stametments
    • DependencySynchronizer failed in PHP projects
    • White page was dispalyed if no valid license was available

Version 4.7.3 - 8th January, 2019 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Prevented duplicate table creation in Cassandra
    • Comments in multi-line options now use '##' instead of '//' as comment line start/
    • Findings treemap was empty for architecture paths
    • TFS repository logged errors "Parent not in commit tree"
    • Unused parameters were reported for Java default methods
    • False positives for check "Terminate octal and hexadecimal escape sequence"
    • Line length findings were reported for architecture files
    • Dashboard overwrite did not work with templates
    • Fixed extraction of ABAP types in @DATA in SELECT (affects custom checks and architecture)
    • Project chooser in dashboard perspective was enabled despite having no effect

Version 4.7.2 - 18th December, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • IndexOutOfBoundsException in LineCoverageMetricSynchronizer for Python
    • Delta Perspective: Red error page when clicking on TGA treemap for delta without changes
    • Processor 'CodeSearchSynchronizer' failed badly
    • "Could not parse submitted JSON" Error when storing empty fields for int parameters in global settings
    • IntelliJ Findings View: Expand All/Collapse All should look/behave like in other views

Version 4.7.1 - 11th December, 2018 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Project creation problems for GitHub connector
    • Intellij Plugin: Better error handling when persisted settings become inconsistent
    • CheckProcessor caused OutOfBoundsException when using check for missing header protection in C++ projects
  • Enhancements
    • New expert option allows specifying partition via regex for reports in repositories

Version 4.7.0 - 5th December, 2018 (download)

  • Major Features
    • Navigation overhaul: Sidebar instead of tabs
    • Bitbucket Cloud Integration
    • Differentiate between tolerated findings and false-positives
  • Web Interface
    • Findings Perspective: It is now possible to expand the code segment in the findings detail view
    • Findings Perspective: Findings list view now uses a tabbed layout
    • Findings Perspective: Findings list shows the rationale of blacklisted findings and it is possible to filter them by their rationale
    • Architecture Perspective: Showing "Finding Creation" info of architectures
    • Tests Perspective: Display test-execution-duration in hour, minute and second format
    • Metrics Table Widget: Better trend indication for arrows in metrics table widget
  • Issue Perspective
    • Issue Query: Added macro for baselines e.g. baseline("Release 1")
    • Issue Query: contains operator '~' supports text, as well as regexes
  • Plugins
    • Eclipse plugin now supports Subversive in addition to Subclipse
    • Visual Studio Integration: Clear findings window when last document or solution is closed
  • Admin
    • Performance improvement of TFS connector with parallelized content retrieval
    • Allow C-Style comments in multiline option fields in Repository Connectors
  • Built-in checks
    • Matlab
      • Check to avoid functions with too many arguments
      • Check to avoid interactive function calls in productive code
      • Avoid switch statements without the otherwise condition
      • Avoid conditional expression with the condition being the 0 constant
      • Avoid complex conditional checks
      • Check that the function name is consistent with its file name
      • Avoid calling the 'eval' function
      • Check to avoid calls to interactive functions
      • Function Parameter Count Check
    • C#
      • Check to avoid usage of C# regions
      • Check to avoid using "dynamic" keyword
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