‐ Code Quality Matters

Code Quality Matters

Teamscale supports your team to analyze, monitor, and improve the quality of your code.

Analyze Your Code

Teamscale analyzes the quality of your code. With a variety of static code analyses, it points you to quality defects that are easily missed. Analyze your code to identify specific maintainability constraints and avoid unexpected maintenance costs in the future.

Monitor Your Quality

Teamscale helps you to monitor the quality of your code over time. Personally configurable dashboards allow you to focus on your personal quality goals and keep an eye on the current quality trend. Monitor your quality to be aware of your performance.

Prevent Failures

Teamscale offers you seamless integration with your IDE. Rapid Feedback supports you in preventing failures and continuously improving code quality. Use Teamscale to reduce the error-proneness of your system.

Real-time Feedback

With the most modern analysis engine, Teamscale provides feedback to your developers in real-time – within seconds after each commit. Rapid feedback integrates quality control into your daily development and makes it an effortless implicitness rather than a daily hassle.

Findings Management

Teamscale simplifies containing the findings flood: Accept the current quality of your system an only focus on new findings – or take it one step further and additionally remove findings in code you are currently modifying anyway. Teamscale helps you saving overhead effort and supports you in cleaning up code on the fly.

Architecture Conformance

Inspect your architecture and detect unwanted dependencies: Teamscale allows you to specify your intended architecture and compares it with your code base. Keeping your architecture consistent and up to date has never been easier!

Reveal Untested Changes

Teamscale analyzes development and testing activities over time and detects untested changes in your source code, which are especially error prone. This allows you to make conscious decisions what to test before shipping and helps you to avoid bugs in production.