• Java JDK 1.8 or higher
  • Eclipse 3.7 when using the update site
  • Microsoft .NET 3.5 is required if you intend to run some of the analyses for .NET systems
  • optionally Graphviz for graph visualization


ConQAT is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

Installation Options

ConQAT consists of a command line execution engine and graphical tools for configuration and inspection of analysis results. If you only want to run an existing analysis, the former (called ConQAT engine) is sufficient. Otherwise, you should also download the Eclipse-based graphical tools. If unsure what to pick, download ConQAT Complete below.


ConQAT Complete

ConQAT Complete is a complete Eclipse IDE bundles with the ConQAT plug-ins and analysis engine. It enables you to build ConQAT blocks on the basis of existing blocks and processors. If you use one of the operating systems listed below, this is probably the right package for you.

ConQAT Engine

If you only want to run existing ConQAT blocks and don’t need the editor, the ConQAT Engine is what you need. Download ConQAT Engine as binary or source distribution.

ConQAT Update Site

If you want to install the ConQAT plugins into your own Eclipse instance (version 3.7 or higher required), you can use the update site found here:


Do not use this link from your browser, but in the Eclipse software installation dialog. Also disable the group items by category checkbox to display the plugins.

Please note that you will also need the ConQAT engine (separate download) and either configure the path to the engine in the preferences or import the source code into your workspace.