We are proud to develop the most advanced tools for software quality analysis and continuous quality control.

Teamscale Logo

Teamscale is an enterprise tool for continuous quality control. It’s novel incremental analysis engine provides real-time quality analysis results to project managers and developers via browser-based dashboards as well as integrations with development environments. The seamless integration with version control and issue tracking systems supports a workflow that goes beyond the mere measurement of quality and helps teams to effectively improve the quality of their systems.

ConQAT logo

ConQAT is a highly configurable software quality analysis engine that is designed for the rapid development of specialized quality analyses. It implements the most sophisticated algorithms for clone detection and architecture analysis. Furthermore, ConQAT is able to integrate the results produced by other quality analysis tools and provides advanced visualizations. It supports a multitude of programming languages, from modern languages like Java or C# to old languages like Cobol. Using its plug-in mechanism ConQAT is easily extensible.

Simulink Library for Java provides a parser and model for reading MDL files containing both Simulink and Stateflow models. It is the foundation of our own Simulink analyses and freely available as Open Source.