CQSE Workshop - Fast Feedback From Long-Running Tests

Fabian Streitel & Dr. Elmar Jürgens

Test-Impact Analysis and Pareto Optimization for Ever-Growing Test Suites


As software systems grow, so does the number of their automated tests. As a result, we increasingly often encounter test suites that run hours or days, which is painfully slow. To get fast feedback about new bugs despite slow tests, we can run a subset of all tests more frequently. If this subset is chosen well, these tests identify most bugs very quickly.

This approach heavily depends on the selection of frequently-executed tests. We developed two different approaches for selection:

  • Test-Impact Analysis
  • Pareto Optimization

In this workshop, we first present the key ideas and research studies for both, and then demo them live in our analysis tool Teamscale.


  • Dr. Elmar Jürgens - Co-Founder of CQSE and deals with quality analyses of software his whole professional life.
  • Fabian Streitel - Leads the Pilot Team at CQSE and has successfully set up Test-Impact Analysis and Pareto Optimization with many customers


Fabian Streitel