Case Study

Quality Control

Today, Munich Re knows that its outsourcing partners deliver high-quality software.

The reinsurance company Munich Re has a large need for software development, for which they rely on flexible sourcing. The company focuses on a long term guarantee of high-quality code and low maintenance costs. Munich Re's sourcing partners have to apply the development work on their systems according to Munich Re's quality expectations. High software quality and maintainability form the basis for all potential transfers of maintenance projects to other partners in the future.


We continuously monitor the quality of over 50 of Munich Re's development projects in the .NET and ABAP areas. For this purpose, CQSE provides the necessary analysis tools. In addition, CQSE's expert quality engineers give developers and managers regular feedback on the systems' latest quality trends in the form of quality reports. In this way, quality problems can be discovered at an early stage. Concrete tasks, that include suggestions for improvement, make it easier to plan quality improvements during development.


Munich Re can detect a change in quality in one of their systems very early. With CQSE's tools and services Munich Re is able to find out who caused defects in their systems, even if a system has already been maintained by several providers. Due to continuous controlling, the company can react quickly when the quality of certain systems deteriorates. This means that the project's success can be secured early on. Furthermore, quality control makes Munich Re's quality expectations transparent for its sourcing partners.