Case Study


Medatixx improves quality with Teamscale.

Medatixx is a leading provider of software solutions for efficient management of medical health care centers and doctor's offices. Medatixx was founded by multiple renowned providers of medical management solutions. Hence, the technological base of its software solutions comprises a broad spectrum. The successfull maintenance of its software is critical for medatixx. Each quarter, software solutions have to be released to match the most recent ammendments in health care laws. Consequently, further development of the software takes place in a challenging and time-critical environment. For medatixx, maintainability is, hence, in the middle of the spotlight.


To track the maintainability of their software, medatixx relies on continuous support. With profound automated analyses, Teamscale reveals the code quality of medatixx's software solutions. Despite of numerous technologies, Teamscale provides a unique view of the solutions' quality. It analyzes the complete history, reveals trends of the quality status and alerts immediately if new quality problems emerge. Teamscale provides its results to the developers within seconds. The results are displayed right within the IDE of the developers. But they are also shown on large team-specific dashboards on screens on the wall, easily visible for everybody in the office.


For each of its critical software solutions, medatixx is aware of potential quality problems. During further development, those potential problems can be monitored and taken into consideration. Based on feedback within seconds, developers can take action immediately. Thus, they avoid the accumulation of findings in the code base. Cleaning-up on the fly reduces the overhead by orders of magnitudes compared to dedicated later clean-up sessions. Thus, even when pressure is high, deteriorating quality can be prevented. Teamscale creates transparency. This led to an increased awarenesss of code quality within the development teams and enabled continuous quality improvement.