Case Study

Software Quality Audit

Fujitsu EST offers transparent software quality for everyone, including its parent company.

Fujitsu is one of the world's leading information and communication technology companies. The German subsidiary Fujitsu Enabling Software Technology GmbH (EST) develops software used for providing and operating cloud infrastructure, marketplaces and services. Software quality is of great importance to Fujitsu, not only because of the company’s Japanese roots. To identify room for improvement with respect to maintainability, the company asked for a neutral external assessment.


We use a fully automated analysis to audit the provided Java source code. In doing so, we examine different quality aspects, such as structure, comments, redundancy, exception handling and architecture conformance. The results are enriched by manual code inspections and interviews with key members of the development team. We summarize the results for Fujitsu EST in the form of a detailed written report and personally discuss them with the project managers.


Fujitsu EST knows which areas are exposed to possible long-term maintainability risks. This way, quality assurance measures that have already been planned can be applied in a more targeted manner and included in project planning. Furthermore, Fujitsu EST can depict the quality to the parent company's stakeholders in a transparent and comprehensible way. Hence, positive effects of earlier improvements to the development process can be proven objectively.