Case Study

Technology Assessment

Today, azh knows that its accounting system is based on solid technological ground.

The azh company is one of Germany's leading health care clearing houses. Azh’s central accounting system is a distributed, performance-critical application which is developed in-house by a team of experienced Java experts. Like all Java Enterprise systems the accounting system has a comprehensive technological foundation that consists of an application server, a database, a rule engine and several libraries. In light of this technological diversity, a neutral and structured assessment of the sustainability of its base technologies is very important to azh.


Within the scope of a comprehensive architecture audit we identify the technologies that are relevant to the accounting system. Due to Java systems usually consisting of more than 80 libraries, these are selected through an automatic analysis that assesses to what extent an application depends on a certain library. Based on a rating system, we review each selected technology with regards to sustainability as well as its suitability for the accounting system. In doing so, we examine different aspects, such as licensing, extensibility and the level of distribution. The results are an overview matrix as well as a conclusive assessment regarding possible risks.


Azh now has a comprehensive overview of its application’s technological base and knows the roles of the 80 libraries. The company is aware of the strengths and risks of each technology examined and can make informed decisions regarding their further use. When introducing new technologies in the future, azh can use the applied rating system to assess their suitability for the accounting system in advance.