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We assess your basic technologies and assess their future proofness.

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Dependencies on Dying Technologies

Each system is based on a number of technologies. These include, among others, libraries, frameworks, programming languages and external applications. These technologies are constantly advancing, as is the general opinion on which technologies are useful. We can help you find out which technologies your system largely depends on. For each technology, we analyze whether its use is up to date and which possible risks its use bears. This includes dependency on dying technologies, on external service providers, as well as on diminishing expert knowledge amongst developers.

Detecting Licensing Issues

With the amount of technologies that are available out there, or already in use, it is not always easy to keep an overview. Nevertheless, your system needs to constantly adapt to the changing world of technology. Only systems that can adapt in time remain competitive. We can help you keep track of the licenses in use and can detect possible licensing issues.

Assessment of Technology Suitability

As independent experts, we offer you an impartial assessment of your technologies. We assess the suitability of the technologies you have selected. Our results allow you to apply measures to replace risk-prone technologies in time and to prepare your system for the future.


Solid Technological Ground.


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