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Recognizing Errors Before Delivery

Software systems are continuously refined and have to be adapted to new requirements. The resulting changes to the source code, however, may lead to new errors. According to research studies, recent changes are the most common cause of error. Efficient testing could detect errors before the system's release. However, in practice, this is no trivial task. On the one hand, some tests are cheap to perform but do not cover the entire code. On the other hand, extensive system tests are usually quite expensive.

Revealing Test Gaps

However, often your testing department does not know which parts of code have been changed by the developers. As a result, your testers run some unnecessary tests while other crucial tests are overlooked. With the help of our process and tools we can analyze which parts of code have been changed and review if these change have been tested.

Interface between Development and Testing

With our test gap analysis we can find gaps in your tests and help you avoid errors made due to recent, untested changes. In doing so, together with you, we optimize the interface between developers and testers and avoid hotfixes after the system's release.

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