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Software Quality Benchmark

How well do you perform?

We benchmark your system and compare its quality with other systems in similar domains.

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Large Portfolio of Reference Systems

You want to know the quality of your system compared to other systems? Or you have a number of internal systems that are required to meet the same quality expectations? Our benchmark offers an efficient comparison. From a large quantity of reference systems we choose those that are most similar to your systems and your domain and that were written in the same programming language.

Relevant Metrics as a Basis of Comparison

The most significant and fully automated analyses form the basis of our comparison. We compare the systems regarding size, structure, redundancy and comment quantity and thus are able to rank the quality of your system in a fast and efficient manner.

Objective Ranking of Quality Level

The benchmark allows you to rank the quality of your source code in an objective manner and to determine the standard quality level of your environment. If you have several internal systems we can show you the quality of those systems in relation to each other.

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