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Software Quality Audit

Spaghetti Code or Clean Structure?

We offer you transparency by auditing your system and assessing its current quality status.

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One-time Quality Assessment

Our code audit offers you a comprehensive assessment of your system’s quality. We analyze the current quality of your source code, taking into account all the central elements of quality assessment. Our analysis includes, amongst others, the structure, redundancy, documentation and common error patterns found in your code. Furthermore, we differentiate between regular application code, test code and generated code. To complete our service, we offer manual reviews of selected files.

Prospects for Future Maintainabilty

Our code audit helps you assess the current quality status of your systems more easily. As independent and impartial experts, we show you strengths and weaknesses your system and we identify possible maintainability constraints. Based on our analysis results, you will be able to allocate your resources in a future-oriented and targeted way.

Assessment of All Common Languages

We audit all common programming languages, such as Java, C/C++, C#, ABAP and COBOL. For most languages we already have the right experts on board. However, we have also often dealt with more unusual languages.


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