Quality Improvement

Establishing Peer-Review Processes

Are four eyes better than two?

We help you establish a long-term peer-review process in your team.

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Manual Quality Assurance

Although automatic analyses provide great assistance in software quality assurance, there are several quality aspects that cannot be measured automatically. Aspects such as the naming of identifiers, the descriptiveness of comments, but also the correct implementation of requirements cannot be determined by tools. Beside quality improvement, peer-review techniques also provide know-how transfer within development teams to get rid of knowledge monopolies of individual developers.

Sensitive Change Management

Introducing manual review techniques is no trivial task and needs organizational change management in order to care about the social side-effects. Our experts have extensive experience in introducing review processes in organizations and development teams. They also help with establishing appropriate tool support to manage the process and make the expensive manual review activities as efficient and effective as possible.

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