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Architecture Assessment

Solid Foundation or Higgledy-Piggledy?

We assess the future proofness of your architecture, identify weak spots and reveal practical solutions.

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Evaluation of the Actual Architecture

Different components and the relationships between them form the architecture of a software system. Often the originally intended architecture becomes indistinct when a system has been refined over many years. A solid and well-documented architecture is vital when discussing, planning and carrying out changes to the system. If your company has not documented the architecture definition yet, we can help you develop and document a concept of the intended architecture as a first step.

Conformance Analysis

In a second step, we analyze the architecture that has actually been implemented and evaluate it against the intended architecture. The evaluation detects inaccuracies which helps to keep documentation and implementation consistent and helps to avoid critical dependency violations.

Assessment of Critical System Features

Based on the architectural documentation we assess your system's architecture and determine to which degree it is suitable for realizing future requirements. With the help of concrete scenarios we detect weaknesses that need to be fixed in order to prepare the architecture for the future.

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