What We Do

We assess the future proofness of your software. Together with you, we create opportunities to prevent gradual quality decay.


Audits and Assessments

We offer transparency by auditing and assessing the current quality status of your system.

Quality Improvement

We support you to monitor and continuously improve your software quality.

What we care about

Fokus auf Qualität

Spotlight on Quality

In our work, we exlusively deal with the quality of your software. Being absolute experts in this area, we can provide an neutral assessment of your software quality.

Langjährige Erfahrung


What we do is based on many many years of research and experience in industry. Regularly, we present our newest insight at international conferences.

Praxisnahe Lösungen

Practical Solutions

We do not aim to conquer the theoretical world, but provide an industry-oriented approach. What has been successful in various industry domains will also help you to improve your software effectively.


LV 1871


Munich Re



LV 1871 is not caught by surprise. The insurance company knows the quality of its application code.

LV 1871 knows the strengths and weaknesses of each inspected system in detail. The company is aware of where the systems stand regarding code quality and how they have evolved to get to that stage. Therefore the company will not experience any unpleasant surprises.


Fujitsu EST offers transparent software quality for everyone, including its parent company.

Fujitsu EST knows which areas are exposed to possible long-term maintainability risks. This way, quality assurance measures that have already been planned can be applied in a more targeted manner and included in project planning. Furthermore, Fujitsu EST can depict the quality to the parent company's stakeholders in a transparent and comprehensible way.


Today, Munich Re knows that its outsourcing partners deliver high-quality software.

Munich Re can detect a change in quality in one of their systems very early. With CQSE's tools and services Munich Re is able to find out who caused defects in their systems, even if a system has already been maintained by several providers. Due to continuous controlling, the company can react quickly when the quality of certain systems deteriorates.


Today, azh knows that its accounting system is based on solid technological ground.

Azh now has a comprehensive overview of its application’s technological base and knows the roles of the 80 libraries. The company is aware of the strengths and risks of each technology examined and can make informed decisions regarding their further use.

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