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Our motivation

At CQSE,  we are passionate about software quality. We build our products and consulting based on current research and proven practices. We believe in clear communication, where giving and receiving feedback is part of our daily work. We work together in flat hierarchies and everyone is responsible for the projects they work on. Code reviews, automated tests and continuous integration play a central role in achieving our goal of building high-quality software.

What We Offer

Here is why we think you will like working at CQSE

Our Culture

At CQSE, we live and cultivate a culture of transparency, openeness and constructive feedback.

All important figures of the company are presented once a month and twice a year we go to a company retreat, where we discuss and decide on long-term goals together.

We enjoy having our coffee breaks and lunches together, which is where we share anecdotes and project news.

Conferences & Events

We offer the possibility to visit academic and industry conferences, which offers an opportunity of professional and personal development.

Once a year we also organize the CQSE Software Intelligence Workshop. The main part of the workshop are presentations of our customers with field reports on how software intelligence is used by them.


Everyone at CQSE is free to choose their working hours, but we stick to the 40 hour week and avoid overtime.

With home office and flexible working hours, job and family can be combined well.

In addition, we organize different company events several times a year, so that we can do something together outside of the daily business.

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