Audits & Assessments

We provide a comprehensive and neutral assessment of the most important quality criteria of software systems.

Quality Improvement

We select, introduce and execute the most modern quality assurance methods.

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Teamscale is an enterprise tool for continuous quality control. It’s novel incremental analysis engine provides real-time quality analysis results to project managers and developers via browser-based dashboards as well as integrations with development environments. The seamless integration with version control and issue tracking systems supports a workflow that goes beyond the mere measurement of quality and helps teams to effectively improve the quality of their systems.

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ConQAT is a highly configurable software quality analysis engine that is designed for the rapid development of specialized quality analyses. It implements the most sophisticated algorithms for clone detection and architecture analysis. Furthermore, ConQAT is able to integrate the results produced by other quality analysis tools and provides advanced visualizations. It supports a multitude of programming languages, from modern languages like Java or C# to old languages like Cobol. Using its plug-in mechanism ConQAT is easily extensible.

Controlled Software Outsourcing

Posted on 07/02/2014 by Dr. Martin Feilkas

It is interesting to see the various organizational settings where software development takes place. Having a look at the different kinds of companies we have been working with in the last years reveals the many different settings: Completely internal development, internal development in a mix of internal and external developers, external development with internal project management/architects, completely outsourced development only providing a set of requirements to the supplier. Furthermore, throughout the lifecycle of a system, these settings are often changed: systems are handed over from an external initial development to internal maintenance or vice versa. Thus, a pure and stable development team developing and maintaining a system is rather an exception than the usual case.


Teamscale Live Demo Now Available

Posted on 06/18/2014 by Thomas Kinnen

Teamscale is our tool for continuous software quality control. It provides feedback about quality problems in near real-time, allowing you to keep your software free of technical debt.

Today we are proud to announce our public demo, allowing you to try and explore Teamscale easily.

To get started, go to our Teamscale Demo registration page and register a user for the live demo. You will get an e-mail containing your new password and a login link. Follow the link to login and explore Teamscale.


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