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Changelog: What's new?

Release 3.7

Version 3.7.4 - 16th November, 2017 (download)

Update from 3.7.x: Drop-in.
Upgrade from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Fix: Multiple PostRevisionAnalysisTriggers were added if multiple connectors were active in one project
    • Fix: External analysis results could lead to huge amounts of rollbacks in certain cases
    • Fix: Cobol used incorrect C-Like normalization
    • Fix: Artifactory connector failed in case multiple branches with the same revision existed
    • Fix: Some coverage bordercases in BullsEye coverage reports were missing
  • Enhancements
    • CTC SKIP literals are now supported

Version 3.7.3 - 6th November, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: IE11: Could not add any connectors to projects
    • Fix: Users with project admin rights could not edit projects
    • Fix: TGA Treemap in Delta perspective did not show tooltips
    • Fix: Cobol parser failed for some constructs
    • Fix: VS Coverage upload failed if more than one module was present
    • Fix: SVN connection threw Nullpointer in rare cases
  • Enhancements
    • Delta perspective loaded long, now much faster
    • Gerrit can now vote based on red findings, but comment red + yellow findings

Version 3.7.2 - 20th October, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: NPE in Dashboard widget migration during backup import
    • Fix: Analysis profile did not show the configured values for the options
    • Fix: Generated Heatfiler reports did not have correct prefixes, extensions or directory paths
    • Fix: AssertionErrors in MethodTaintGraphSynchronizer
    • Fix: Analysis of architecture files with taint analysis failed
    • Fix: Activity perspective did not display new commits
    • Fix: Security problem in admin perspective

Version 3.7.1 - 12th October, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: WebUI crashed on Internet Explorer 11
    • Fix: Worker log type filter crashed
    • Fix: Cobol parser produced incorrect results for some constructs
    • Fix: Re-enabled old parts of the log filtering REST API for compatibility
    • Fix: Links between Simulink models and code broken in some cases

Version 3.7.0 - 10th October, 2017 (download)

  • Major Features
    • UI for easily uploading external reports via the Web UI
    • Ability to upload externally computed architecture dependencies
    • Improved Clone Management
      • Activity perspective: ability to view/focus on inconsistent clone alerts
      • Findings perspective: ability to navigate from Clone to Sibling finding
  • Web Interface
    • Code perspective: Code Outline View displaying an outline of the opened structured file
    • Architecture Editor:
      • Displaying include/exclude patterns on architecture components
      • Violations now allow easy navigation to the corresponding finding
    • Dashboards: Link from Commit Chart Widget to User-Filtered Activity
    • Improved numerical sorting of branch names
    • Project configuration: Hide dependent options unless required by the configuration
  • Analysis
    • Comment Completeness Analysis for AngularJS and TypeScript
    • Naming convention checks are possible for PHP code
  • Admin Features
    • Filter Worker/Service/Event-Logs via time range
    • A Dockerfile for Teamscale is now contained in the distribution
    • Automatic guessing of the instance URL
  • External Tools
    • Support for the Astrée RuleChecker report format
    • Jira: Jira issues can now be filtered by project in the Issue Perspective
    • Gerrit: Automatic voting on empty commits which are not analysed by Teamscale
  • Export Services
    • Issue Perspective: Trend can now be exported as CSV
    • TGA CSV Export now includes class name in a separate column (with link to the file in Teamscale)
    • Taint Analysis Findings CSV Export now includes the finding rule names and ids

Release 3.6

Version 3.6.2 - 10th October, 2017 (download)

Update from 3.6.x: Drop-in.
Upgrade from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Fix: Clone detection caused uploading of Gerrit review to fail, if a clone sibling was outside of patchset
    • Fix: IndexOutOfBoundsException in GerritAnalysisResultUploader
    • Fix: Metrics perspective mapped wrong metrics to path names
    • Fix: NPE in SvnChangeRetriever
    • Fix: Missing findings for Comment Completeness for JavaScript methods

Version 3.6.1 - 25th September, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Fix: Path chooser in threshold configurations was broken
    • Fix: When Simulink blocks are placed on negative coordinates, the content was cut off
    • Fix: Support for OScript *.os files was missing
    • Fix: Error in GitChangeRetriever: Had multiple parents from same branch
    • Fix: TFSWorkItemSynchronizer stalled Teamscale: Illegal character entity: expansion character
    • Fix: Safari: Test gap treemap on Delta Perspective: Switches could not be switched off
    • Fix: Cobol Parser problems
    • Fix: ProjectBranchesService crashed on branch names with numbers larger than integer.max
    • Fix: Bug in TFSRepositoryConnection
    • Fix: Bugfixes and improvements for Gerrit integration

Version 3.6.0 - 29th August, 2017 (download)

  • Major Features
    • TGA Treemap in the Delta perspective
    • Python comment completeness now part of the regular comment completeness analysis
    • Support for IBM RTC/Jazz issue tracker including history analysis
    • Big analysis performance improvements
      • Content synchronization
      • Comment analysis
      • Clone detection
      • Code ownership synchronization
      • Architecture reference synchronization
      • Faster HEAD data access
      • Faster compression/decompression for the store backend
      • Faster scheduling of long external upload histories
  • UI Features
    • Use consistent branch filtering dropdowns everywhere
    • Dashboards: show widget's type when editing it
    • Dashboards: option to hide unchanged code in the Test Gap treemap widget
    • Activity perspective: improved display of findings churn for merges
    • Architecture editor: allow case insensitive regexes
    • User profile: improved access key format for easier copying
  • New Languages/External Tools
    • Cobol
    • Full support for TFS issue history analysis
    • Support new compiler warnings format from Visual Studio Team Services
    • Support .NET coverage reports merged by Visual Studio's codecoverage.exe
    • Enable direct upload of SpCop/FxCop reports
    • Enable direct upload JUnit/NUnit/XUnit reports as non-code data
  • Admin Features
    • Log regex filter now also matches the commit
    • Warn when importing a backup with inconsistent project and folder names
    • Added services for monitoring instance health with external tools such as Nagios
  • Checks
    • Java
      • Useless calls to the super constructor
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