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Changelog: What's new?

Release 3.9

Version 3.9.1 - 16th January, 2018 (download)

Update from 3.9.x: Drop-in, unless affected by Git problem or false positives. Then a re-analysis is recommended.
Upgrade from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Tests Perspective: Issue based Test Gap percentage was wrong
    • Metrics and Tests perspective: Popups showed ugly scrollbars
    • Git connector to local bare repository was broken for some path names (Windows)
    • False positives for C# Timers in C# unused variables check
    • False positive in "No Write Access to SAP Standard Tables" Check
    • Artifactory connector did not support CommitHookService call
    • systemd startup unit did not set working directory
    • teamscale-inner-loop.sh did not ignore comment lines in jvm.properties

Version 3.9.0 - 9th January, 2018 (download)

  • Major Features
    • New Tests Perspective to inspect test execution information and test gaps
  • Web Interface
    • Activity Perspective: No automatic reload in case there's no connection
    • Architecture Perspective
      • Link to architecture specification from finding details of architecture findings
      • Informative page shown when no architecture exists
      • Conformance status of architectures is now shown in the overview
    • Issue Perspective: Number of available issues is now displayed
    • Delta Perspective: Ability to exclude upload commits
    • Dashboard Widgets
      • Metric selection dialog for assessment trend chart uses radio buttons
      • Configuration dialog can be exited by pressing Escape
  • ABAP
    • Detection of hidden ABAP source code
    • Analysis of SAP standard code modifications
    • Analysis of enhancement point implementations
    • SCOV Upload: New Flag to Specify All Counters are Deltas
    • Automatically create account credentials for ABAP System Connections
  • Custom checks
    • Avoid equality check with boolean literal (C/C++, C#, Java)
    • Gosu custom checks
      • Naming conventions
      • Order of class members
      • Avoid the Java Date class
      • Use Gosu comparison operators instead of Java "equals" check
    • Avoid public variables check
  • Admin
    • New systemd unit file for the Teamscale Linux service
    • Test coverage metric now configured by default
    • More placeholders available for backup file names, e.g. port number

Release 3.8

Version 3.8.4 - 19th December, 2017 (download)

Update from 3.8.1 or a later 3.8.x: Drop-in, unless architecture findings were not correctly updated, or external analysis data was not integrated and analysed. Then a full re-analysis is recommended.
Update from 3.8.0: Full re-analysis via backup required
Upgrade from older version: Full re-analysis via backup required
  • Fixes
    • Architecture findings were not updated after updating dependencies
    • Externally uploaded data was not fully integrated
    • Dashboards were not viewable on IE
    • Select/Deselect all projects did not work on Admin Backup page

Version 3.8.3 - 12th December, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • TGA trend charts incorrectly displayed a flat line
    • Incomplete parameters for CloneChunkIndexSynchronizer trigger led to an error in configuring cloning exclude path patterns
    • JS error handling did not display stack traces
  • Enhancements
    • Improved performance of architecture assessment service, leading to faster opening and editing of architectures
    • Log messages in AbapSynchonizeTriggers now indicate which connection failed

Version 3.8.2 - 6th December, 2017 (download)

  • Fixes
    • Inability to upload C++ coverage from manual tests due to invalid lines
    • TFS connector extracted branches that were not included in the project config
    • Visual Studio plugin did not work with 3.8.0
    • IssueId Dialog did not fully display the text
    • Popup was not shown in the Numeric metric value widget
    • Assessment trend chart did not display the assessment in percentage format

Version 3.8.1 - 30th November, 2017 (download)

  • Critical Fixes
    • Missing migration for .NET Version index, causing corrupted data
  • Fixes
    • Dashboard migration failed in rare cases
    • Method history view did not work for architecture paths
    • .NET Method mapping calculation was incorrect in rare cases
    • NullpointerException was thrown when importing backup in some instances
    • InternetExplorerCompatCheck was outdated
  • Enhancements
    • Improved performance of data taint analysis
    • Support for Git over SSH has been added

Version 3.8.0 - 21st November, 2017 (download)

  • Major Features
    • Support Coverage/TGA for PL/SQL
    • Major performance improvements
    • Improved descriptions for many checks
  • Web Interface
    • Improved activity perspective design
    • Show indicator whether project is in history analysis or rollback analysis
    • Show file name in browser page title when viewing code
    • Issue queries: Ability to show affected files treemap for each query
    • Test gap analysis: Added method history view
    • Architecture editor: Sort matched types in the component's property view
  • Analysis
    • Add option to exclude files based on size
    • SAP ABAP system connector no longer requests coverage on full exports
    • PL/SQL check: Warn if default exception handler is missing
  • Admin Features
    • More feedback after importing a backup
      • List new checks that could be activated in imported analysis profiles
      • Display errors and statistics after import
    • Support user groups from TFS/VSTS
    • Add option to track enhanced storage access statistics
  • External Tools
    • Support direct upload of C# compiler warnings
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